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Build journaling habits that are fun


Discover questions posed by different people with vast experiences. From career, racism, to music - think about topics you may not have ever questioned.

Our awesome features

Our themed playlists contain multiple questions to really get you thinking. Journal your answers as often as you like to see how your responses change over time.

Our awesome features

Curate and favourite interesting questions and playlists. Schedule time to reflect on a playlist straight into your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar.

Our awesome features

Founded out of loneliness

I built introspect to help my own loneliness during lockdown. Most solutions to loneliness involved other people or generic expert advice, so I set out to create something that would let me help myself and direct my own thinking in different situations. As I spoke to more people I realised not only are many of us lonely and trying to better question ourselves; we don't have people in our lives to do this for us. So here is Introspect, helping people bring satisfaction to loneliness and directing that into a transformative journey. I have previously founded two ventures backed by MIT via their Sandbox program and launched a children's book about a bowel movement.

Shenal Harakh

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